NanoTube Cancer Weapons

Nano Technology may in fact hold the keys to fighting many different types of cancer in the human bio-system. The technologies are so promising we may see survival rates skyrocket, thus everyone can live strong in the upcoming decade. Nano Tubes use in fighting cancer is indeed, a unique process it works by inserting tiny […]

Medieval Days And Knights In Portugal

During August Bank Holiday weekend, the castle at Castro Marim on the Algarve, Portugal, returns to the medieval ages, recreating all the pomp and circumstance of that era in a spectacular four-day festival. Although it’s only 40 miles from Faro airport, Castro Marim is considered off the beaten tourist track. Overlooked by the impressive historic […]

History Of Aromatherapy

It is thought that the Chinese were the first civilization to use aromatic plants for health related reasons, such as burning incense for harmony. However it was the Egyptians who invented the first distillation techniques, thus allowing the extraction of essential oils. Their distillation methods were crude, but allowed them to use the oils of […]

The Ancient Art Of Metal Crafting

Throughout history warriors have depended on medieval swords smiths and blacksmiths to provide them with functional medieval armor and a variety of medieval weapons and swords. So, how does the modern warrior or medieval knight arm themselves? Well, luckily for them the ancient art of metal crafting has been passed down through time and even […]

Samurai Sword Basics, A Brief History

Capturing the spirit of old Japan and recognised by its deadly curvature, the samurai sword is widely recognised throughout the world as the most deadly of all Japanese weaponry. Although gaining modern fame and notoriety in modern epic cinemain such films as The Last Samurai and the Kill Bill series by Quentin Tarantino, samurai swords […]

Tips For Archery Fishing

Also known as Bow fishing, this is a sport wherein a fisherman uses archery equipment to fish. A regular hunting bow can be used for fishing by simply attaching a reel to the front of the bow grip. Archery fishing is especially favored by regular hunters when regular game like deer are off season. This […]

Longbow overview

A longbow is a type of bow that is tall(roughly equal to or greater than the height of a person), is not recurved and has relatively narrow limbs, that are circular or D-shaped in cross section.The traditional English longbow is made so that its thickness is at least 5/8 of  its width. If the thickness […]

The Way of the Vikings by Lars Magnar Enoksen

Introduction I am writing this article because there is definitely a need for laying out the facts concerning the Vikings and what kind of Martial Arts they mastered and trained. Over the years I have noticed that a lot of misinterpretations and wrong information flourishes in the Martial Arts community all over the World, mostly […]

Terminology and the Longsword Guards

One of the areas that can cause the greatest confusion within the research of historical fighting styles, is that of terminology. This is something of a paradox, as after all we give things names to distinguish them one from another and to make it easier for us to know to what we are referring. While […]

Battle axes information

A battle axe (also battle-axe or battle-ax) is an axe specifically designed as a weapon.Battle axes were specialized versions of utility axes. Many were suitable for use in one hand,while others were larger and were wielded  two-handed. Axes designed for warfare ranged in weight from just over 1 lb to 6 lb, and in length […]

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